CNN Omits Key Fact on Boxing Day Mall Brawls

CNN would have all “youth” shoulder the blame for violence  perpetrated at over a dozen shopping malls on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, by omitting a key fact about those responsible:  the perpetrators were almost entirely African Americans.  Unfortunately, a number of malls are now contemplating or instituting an outright ban on all “unaccompanied minors” on Boxing Day in the future as a result of inaccurate reporting by the press.

CNN describes a more than a handful of the major mall brawls, many of which were pre-planned on social media, or during the commission of which participants called for backup over social media.  These fights included as many as 500 people, and resulted in malls being evacauted, closed, and SWAT teams being called out.

What is missing in EVERY SINGLE DESCRIPTION of the mall fights is identifying information about the participants, who are frequently and generically called “teens” or “youth”…  even though those arrested included people over 21.

What CNN and every other news source that covered these fights purposely excludes is the race of the offenders, despite the fact that twitter, facebook and youtube all have videos of the fights, and some of the news articles even include said videos.  The offenders were almost entirely African American children and young adults, thus it was politically incorrect to name the problem.

To address and fix an issue, one must first define the problem accurately.  It is ridiculous that the media misreported these fights as if it were a young person problem, when in fact it is a race problem, just like the fights that rage during 4th of July weekend all over the country.