John McCain Needs a Mental Health Evaluation

Public Safety Notice!

Senator John McCain is unfit for office, and should be receiving mental health care to alleviate what must be dementia or some other mind-altering medical issue, considering the $700 billion Defense budget he says we need next year.  That’s just for starters, though, as he wants to keep ramping it up till it exceeds $800 billion in 2022.

$800 BILLION?  Hold on there, skippy.  We weren’t even spending that kind of cash when the United States was fighting two wars and fielding over 294,000 warriors in Iraq, Afghanistan and other random hot spots around the world in 2008.  The United States Department of Defense budget didn’t even hit $700 billion that year!

Considering we are no longer fighting two simultaneous land wars, the budget should return to the more reasonably obscene level of $335 billion we had budgeted  in 2001… you know, before the two simultaneously fought land wars.

Among the aging Senator McCain’s ailments is the Washington, D.C. disease known as baseline budgeting, where politicians take current year spending levels as a starting point, never go lower, and instead add as much as they possibly can, each and every year, no matter what changes… like no longer fielding 300,000 troops in active wars.

McCain is well known as a warmonger, and is likely dreaming of invading Russia, China and North Korea all at the same time.  Lucky for us, he won’t see that happen, nor will he get his pipedream budget.

Angry Old Coot

The octogenarian owned 8 properties worth $11 million in 2008, which he purchased after enriching himself on the U.S. taxpayers’ teat.  It would be best for all involved that Mr. McCain quietly sell off a few to seek solace and medical treatment at one of the many fantastic retirement homes in the great state of Arizona, the state he was supposed to represent for the past few decades.  He failed miserably.  The vortex and crystal energies in Sedona might be especially beneficial for the angry old coot.  The governor can easily find a better candidate to look after the interests of the United States citizens of Arizona.