America Fundamentally Rejected Obama’s Values

Contrary to Barack’s claim to the contrary at his (finally) last ever press conference today, the American people have rejected his twisted immoral “values” and declared they want serious changes.

Obama repeatedly stated during the presidential campaign that it would be a personal insult if people did not vote for Hil-LIAR-y Clinton, as a vote for Clinton was a vote for the continuation of his policies… an effective 3rd term.  The people gave Obama the finger, and gave the self-envisioned political “elite” the finger as well, voting instead for a man who promised to drain the corrupt swamp that is Washington, D.C.

Not only did America fundamentally reject the values of Obama and the liberal progressives, citizens overwhelmingly declared that he did a terrible job as president.  In a report released this month by Gallup, Mr. Obama received a scathing review.

Out of 19 policy issues, the American public told Gallup that this president has only achieved to improve 4 areas.  FOUR!

Americans state America has gotten worse under Obama’s administration in race relations, the gap between rich and poor, the situation for blacks, terrorism, immigration, the federal debt, crime, and the position of the US in the world,  and six others.

The four areas his administration made a positive impact according to America?  The situation for lesbian and gay people, energy, climate change and the economy (for pumping the stock market into a huge bubble).

No police officers will be sad to see Mr. Obama leave, either, says the leader of National Police Organizations.