The Fake Muslim Ban

Politicians, networks and newspapers worldwide are working overtime this weekend expressing fake moral outrage over a religious test for immigrants that does not exist.  They falsely claim President Trump has issued a  “Muslim Ban” when he has done no such thing.

President Trump put a temporary 90-day hold blocking all citizens of 7 Middle Eastern and African countries from entering the United States.  These are countries that the Obama administration identified as hotbeds of terrorism .  The “Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015” named Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Syria, while its 2016 update added Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.

President Trump also put an indefinite hold on people from Syria, as the country is in a state of civil war, with a failed government and no means to reliably verify citizens’ identities, much less their criminal history and background data.

Finally, all refugee resettlement to the United States has been temporarily suspended for 120 days and the refugee cap has been reset at 50,000 for the current fiscal year, an annual cap higher than it has been for most of the past 8 years.

These executive actions have been put in place to protect US citizens from terrorist attacks and to review and improve the vetting process for immigrants and refugees from countries with failed governments and prolific terrorist camps or activity.

While a majority of the citizens of the 7 blocked countries happen to be muslim, 90% of the world’s muslim population live in other countries that are not blocked, and they are welcome to apply for a US visa to visit, or immigrate.

The politicians and press haven’t honestly explained this, however, and instead falsely claimed there is a muslim ban.  Some of the weekend’s headlines displayed the fake news front and center:

  • Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban is Cowardly and Dangerous (New York Times)
  • Everything You Need to Know about Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ (
  • Trump’s Muslim Ban: New York Muslims Grateful for Protests (Time Magazine)
  • Why Trump’s Muslim Ban Will Make Defeat of ISIS Harder (Forbes)
  • Trump’s Muslim Ban is a Dangerous Distraction (Al Jazeera)
  • Trump’s Muslim Ban is a Huge Gift to ISIS (Vox)

Politicians were out in force pushing the false narrative.  Take left-wing wanna-be DNC head Rep. Keith Ellison (D- MN) on Sunday’s CBS program “Face the Nation.”  Ellison said, “You know what, we never have had a religious-based ban before. This is a Muslim ban and they can’t deny it is a Muslim ban.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuckie Schumer (D- NY) made a concerted effort to display tears for the cameras at a press conference he called Sunday, in which he claimed he was named after Ellis Island, and then choked with theatrical emotion over his erroneous assertion that “this executive order was mean spirited and un-American.”

Did Schumer get all weepy and declare that Barack Obama’s six-month ban on citizens from muslim-majority Iraq in 2011 was mean spirited and un-American?  No, he did not.

Can you say hypocrisy?