Trump Lied about Border Wall Funding

President Trump has caved to open-borders Democrats, just like spineless Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the GOP, by failing to demand funding for the border wall the election was won on.

WASHINGTON — President Trump insisted on Tuesday that he remained committed to his hotly disputed plan to build a wall along the Mexican border, despite backing off a demand that the project be funded in a short-term spending measure that must be passed by Friday to avoid a government shutdown.

Trump had previously stated he would require Congress to provide a measely $1.4 billion in this must-pass funding measure for border wall maintenance and improvements, potentially giving Liberal Democrats $7 billion in unconstitutional Obamacare subsidies in exchange.  Now it appears he not only withdrew his small request for the wall, but is also going to give Democrats that money in exchange for… Nothing!

No consessions will be asked of Democrats as Trump rolls over for them, right along with the rest of our utterly useless Republican House and Senate, who will fully fund every alt-left progressive special interest project while ignoring the voters who placed the GOP in charge of all aspects of the federal government.

Shame on you, Mr Trump.  American citizens already despise the do-nothing Congress which has consistently failed to even pass the 12 annual appropriations bills as required by law.  Now Trump will join them in betraying the voters as they spend hundreds of billions of dollars the United States doesn’t have (adding to $20 TRILLION of national debt) to fund liberal interests while neglecting national security.