Sanctuary Cities Criminalized in Texas

The rule of law is celebrating a HUGE win in Texas, where conservatives defeated liberals with SB4 in the House, easily passing a bill to uphold immigration law and  criminalize sanctuary cities.

     The Texas House of Representatives has approved a strict ban on “sanctuary cities,” seeking to empower police to enforce federal immigration law against anyone they detain and threatening to jail police chiefs and sheriffs who refuse to do so.

Today’s 93-54 vote followed nearly 16 hours of emotional debate, much of it from outnumbered Democrats powerless to stop the bill.

Democrats relied on emotional pleas, name calling and unhinged rants during the 16 hours of debate, consistently short on facts and high on vitriol as they attempted to support the indefensible- shielding from deportation illegal aliens who have invaded the country, forged identification and work documents, committed tax fraud, overwhelmed schools, emergency rooms, prisons and public services at taxpayer expense, and even those illegals who have assaulted, raped, molested and murdered US citizens.

The liberals demonstrated no concern for the assaults, rapes and murders perpetrated by illegal aliens as a direct result of sanctuary cities criminally obstructing federal immigration laws.

Instead, they lied, like Rep Alonso who said SB4 was about the Mexican Boogeyman.  Or Rep Anchia, who called it “modern discrimination”.  Or Rep Gonzalez, who said “you’re protecting the rapists” when in fact democrats are protecting rapists, murderers, child abusers, drug dealers, gang members, identity thieves, and tens of thousands of other criminal illegals who should be deported immediately after serving jail sentences, but who are instead released into our communities to commit additional crimes against US citizens.

Under SB4, for which the Senate has passed a similar bill, the state will be able to withhold funding from local governments for acting as sanctuary cities, and to jail police, sheriffs and other appointed and elected officials who obstruct the rule of law.


Update May 7th,2017- SB4 is now the law in Texas, signed by the governor.  All prisons must honor ICE detainer requests on illegal aliens, and Police Chiefs, Sheriffs and political officials who interfere or attempt to obstruct US immigration law may be fined, imprisoned and removed from office.