DOJ Publishes Data on Illegal Alien Inmates

Contrary to unconfirmed liberal-biased reports by CNN and the New York Times which claim illegal aliens are more law abiding than US citizens, the official and confirmed data by the Department of Justice states otherwise.  Almost 25% of federal prisoners are foreign nationals, and of those, almost all are illegals.

Considering that there are between 11 and 20 million illegal aliens in the country, they comprise about 5% of the population.  However, illegal aliens commit a disproportionate amount of crime to be arrested, convicted and sentenced such that they constitute almost a quarter of federal inmates.  Illegal aliens are 5 times as likely to be incarcerated in the federal bureau of prisons than a native born US citizen!

“There are 45,493 foreign-born inmates currently in BOP custody, of which 3,939 are U.S. citizens (either naturalized or derivative). Of the remaining 41,554 foreign-born inmates (aliens):

o Approximately 22,541 (54.2 percent) are aliens for which final immigration orders have been issued for their removal;

o Approximately 13,886 (33.4 percent) are aliens who are under ICE investigation for possible removal;

o Approximately 5,101 (12.3 percent) are aliens still pending adjudication (in other words, ICE has charged these aliens as removal cases, but a final disposition has not yet been reached); and

o Approximately 26 (0.1 percent) are aliens who have been granted relief on the basis of asylum claims.”

So, per the DOJ, a full 99.9 percent of non-citizen foreign born inmates are illegal aliens and are already ordered to be deported, considered removable or under investigation to be deported!