More Fake Hate Crimes

Yet again, a “hate crime” highly publicized by the Washington Post and CNN turns out to be a fake crime, just like the dozens of other self-perpetrated incidences over the past few months.

In this case, a misguided man spray painted a swastika and “Heil Trump” on his own church.  The church’s gay organist was arrested after he vandalized his own church with anti-gay and pro-Trump graffiti, in order to “mobilize a movement.” 

Like the Muslim woman who lied about Trump supporters assaulting her for wearing a hijab, and the Muslim professor arrested for falsely claiming anti-muslim crimes and harassment, this “crime” was a Hate Hoax by a disturbed attention seeking individual.

Predictably, neither CNN nor the fake news Washington Post have issued updates to their original stories about the fake crime.  The Post referred to this fake crime 15 times over the past few months.  Sad!