Democrats Endanger Women in Denver

Democrats have decided to endanger women in Denver by reducing the minimum sentences to under one year in prison for assault, first and second incidence of domestic violence, and other sordid crimes.

Liberals and the press can’t stand to have any illegals deported, no matter how many women they assault, so they have rewarded criminal legal and illegal aliens by reducing their jail sentences to under a year specifically in order to avoid deportation, and they arrogantly celebrate this insult to women as a unique and timely way to “resist Trump” and the rule of law

Why have liberals, who falsely profess to value women and support feminism, decided to reward criminals by reducing their sentences when they beat up women?

Because illegal aliens and green card holding immigrants are assaulting and beating up women, which results in ICE being apprised of their crimes and potentially deporting these dangerous criminals!

How pathetic!  Here is the story, brought to you by the Washington Laughingstock… which has chosen to describe this repugnant policy of rewarding those who assault women as “Denver fights back against Trump’s deportation crackdown with surprisingly simple change in law”.