Hillary Continues her Blame Everyone Else Tour

Hillary Two-Time Loser Clinton

Hillary Two-time Loser Clinton continues her “Blame Everyone Else” tour around the country, and even die-hard Democrats are sick of it.

“Look, I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that’s not why I lost,” two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton spouted this week at the 2017 Code Conference.

The bitter Hillary then proceeded to blame her epic second presidential loss on the DNC, Comey, a thousand Russian agents, misogyny, the vast right wing conspiracy, talk radio, fake news on facebook, her illegal email server and habit of criminally sending top secret data around, websites in Macedonia, stupid voters, Obama, Trump’s angry speeches, wikileaks, getting $250,000 (payoffs?) repeatedly from Wall Street bankers, Putin, and a dozen other scapegoats.

The DNC blasted her for throwing them under the bus, counterring her claims that she “inherited nothing from them”, that they were bankrupt, wrong, broken, etc.

And then the “Clinton News Network” turned on her as well!

The following day, CNN teased a segment on her comments with the banner: “Clinton Trashes Everyone for Election Loss.”

“Hillary Clinton’s post-election media blitz sounding more like an excuses tour right now,” host Kate Bolduan said.

The chyron after the break likewise read, “Excuses Tour: Clinton Blames More People for Election Loss,” over video of Clinton blaming a multitude of actors and forces for her loss to Donald Trump.

You know it’s bad when even CNN blasts Hillary, snarking that surely the Russians put a cloak over Wisconsin so that Clinton couldn’t see it existed or make any campaign stops there.

Here is another list of her excuses as she casts blame…