Will McCain Do Right Thing & Step Down?

John McCain of Arizona, who as we mentioned this week is one of the three most despised senators in America, has brain cancer.  The tumor may or may not be the cause of all  Johnny’s questionable behavior of late… no one can say for sure.

The 80 year old senator has enriched himself at taxpayer expense, and can surely afford to retire at a nursing home to get all the care he needs.  He apparently owns interest in several that would house him till he crosses over.

Please, Johnny, do the right thing and step down.  You don’t belong in the Senate- you stopped serving the will of the people decades ago when you sold your soul to lobbyists and out-of-state campaign contributors.

The governor of Arizona can then appoint an actual conservative to the US senate, someone who will represent Arizona rather than the corporate sponsors to whom John McCain has been beholden to for over 30 years.

Most Despised Senators in the US

No surprises here!  Once again, Senators Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Jeffrey Flake are the three most despised Senators in America.

McConnell clocks in at a whopping 48% disapproval, McCain is at a pitiful 47%, and “the Flake” has an embarrassing 45% disapproval.

McConnell helped pass Barack Obama’s radical liberal tax and spend agenda, decimated the military, increased the nation’s debt by a staggering 10 trillion dollars, and is in the process of making Obamacare even worse than it already was.  So much for his promise to repeal the clusterf#ck.

As for the other two, Arizona really hates its senators, and for good reason.

Johnny McCain pretends to be a republican every six years, only to betray conservatives as soon as the election is over.  It appears the geriatric McCain only managed to stay in office this time thanks to millions of dollars of out-of-state dark money from Far Left sponsors such as George Soros.  Those millions funded smear campaigns against his opponents and falsely claimed McCain was a conservative.   What a joke!  Who could forget his “build the danged fence” campaign commercials, after which he backstabbed America by voting with liberals to defund the very fence he promised to build?

Jeff Flake learned all of McCain’s dirty tricks, is a Republican in name only, and is the most vulnerable member of the Senate as a result.  Flake is expected to lose his reelection bid in a landslide, to any warm body that chooses to run against him.  Having a pathetic approval rating as a first term senator sure isn’t helping Flake.  The fact that he was a member of the notorious gang of eight, and that he represents illegal aliens rather than US citizens has pretty much destroyed his career.   Flake consistently votes for bills that drive down wages, making him the enemy of the working man.

Flake also voted to approve almost every liberal hack Barack Obama appointed, and joined democrats to pass the progressive bills Dingy Harry Reid brought to the Senate floor.

Yup, no surprise at all why these three are the most despised in the Senate.

It’s Time to Deport Jose Vargas

Jose Vargas is an illegal alien who alegedly came to America from the Philipines when he was 12.  He was supposedly brought here by his parents rather than other human smugglers, and he does not qualify for Obama’s unconstitutional DACA amnesty- he is way too old.  Rather than quietly enjoying his illegal status, however, Vargas brags about being an illegal alien, and counts on quasi-notoriety to keep him from the deportation that US immigration law demands he receive.

Vargas used false identification to secure employment at the Washington Post, and since coming out as an illegal, he has leveraged his criminal status to enrich himself.  Employers throughout the corporate media world have hired him fully knowingly they broke the law by doing so, and are at risk of prosecution by the DOJ under the honorable Jeff Sessions.  MTV executives are the latest to risk fines and imprisonment for employing, transporting and providing him aid… to host a show called “White” something-or-other, that no one with any taste or intelligence will watch.

Illegal aliens like Vargas who flaunt their criminal status encourage other foreign nationals to put themselves at risk of death, dismemberment or violent sexual abuse by illegally entering the country.  Jose Vargas brazenly proclaims he’s an “undocumented”, in effect telling others that they, too, should invade the United States rather than lawfully apply for entry.

DHS should prioritize deporting felons like Jose Vargas who publicly proclaim their illegal alien status as if it were a badge of honor while protesting the immigration laws of the country they invaded.  Their impunity and disdain for America’s laws provides foreign nationals with the false impression that if you can make it across the border you can stay without repurcussions.


AP “news” goes 1984 on the English language

What has gotten  into the folks at AP the past few years?  First they attempted to co-op the English language in small ways to please their politically correct liberal corporate owners.  Then they went Full Monty.

The AP a few years ago broke with reality when it stopped printing “illegal aliens”, the factually accurate and legal term utilized by the federal government to describe foreign nationals who have illegally entered and remained in the country.   The AP chose instead to incorrectly refer to these foreign national criminals as “undocumented immigrants”, ignoring the fact that real immigrants lawfully apply for admission to their new host country, agreeing to abide by their rules and laws from the outset.

As of today, the AP has been completely corrupted, warning writers not to dare use the terms “terrorist”, “refugee”, or “pro-life”, and now even deems their former go-to “illegal immigrant” to be too offensive a word for their delicate snowflake readership, who are apparently so easily triggered that they require safe spaces, soft music, puppies and play dough to recover from being offended by virtually everything.

The AP is attempting to redefine the English language, reminiscent of the tyrannical government depicted in Orwell’s 1984.

The AP stylebook, in essence their re-education book, instructs writers to ignore all facts, pretend words don’t really mean what we all know they mean, and to start calling terrorists “militants” or “lone wolves”, despite being part of ISIS or some other radical islamist terror group.  It’s quite pathetic, actually, and an insult to real journalists.

Here is a bit more on the AP debacle…

The Stylebook also says to avoid using the term abortionist because it “connotes a person who performs clandestine abortions.”

When it comes to words regarding terrorism, the Stylebook instructs journalists to use the terms “Militant,” “lone wolves,” or “attackers” instead of “terrorist” or “Islamist.”

The Stylebook also suggests that instead of using the term “migrant” or “refugee,” “people struggling to enter Europe” should be used.

The AP thus descends further and further into the liberal lala land of fairy tales and make believe, while trying to influence its impressionable readers to join them for the ride.