Most Despised Senators in the US

No surprises here!  Once again, Senators Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Jeffrey Flake are the three most despised Senators in America.

McConnell clocks in at a whopping 48% disapproval, McCain is at a pitiful 47%, and “the Flake” has an embarrassing 45% disapproval.

McConnell helped pass Barack Obama’s radical liberal tax and spend agenda, decimated the military, increased the nation’s debt by a staggering 10 trillion dollars, and is in the process of making Obamacare even worse than it already was.  So much for his promise to repeal the clusterf#ck.

As for the other two, Arizona really hates its senators, and for good reason.

Johnny McCain pretends to be a republican every six years, only to betray conservatives as soon as the election is over.  It appears the geriatric McCain only managed to stay in office this time thanks to millions of dollars of out-of-state dark money from Far Left sponsors such as George Soros.  Those millions funded smear campaigns against his opponents and falsely claimed McCain was a conservative.   What a joke!  Who could forget his “build the danged fence” campaign commercials, after which he backstabbed America by voting with liberals to defund the very fence he promised to build?

Jeff Flake learned all of McCain’s dirty tricks, is a Republican in name only, and is the most vulnerable member of the Senate as a result.  Flake is expected to lose his reelection bid in a landslide, to any warm body that chooses to run against him.  Having a pathetic approval rating as a first term senator sure isn’t helping Flake.  The fact that he was a member of the notorious gang of eight, and that he represents illegal aliens rather than US citizens has pretty much destroyed his career.   Flake consistently votes for bills that drive down wages, making him the enemy of the working man.

Flake also voted to approve almost every liberal hack Barack Obama appointed, and joined democrats to pass the progressive bills Dingy Harry Reid brought to the Senate floor.

Yup, no surprise at all why these three are the most despised in the Senate.