Obama’s Iran Treason

Barack Obama didn’t simply lie to the American public and have his failed novelist Ben Rhodes create a self-described media “echo chamber” in an attempt to sell the Iran Surrender (aka the Iran Nuke Giveaway) as a “good deal” that would delay their nuclear weapons capability… Mr Obama directly and intentionally undermined our national security.

Consistently a left-leaning mouthpiece for the Democrats, the website Politico shocked the world when it actually published a piece that criticized Obama and his administration, specifically for lying to America and threatening our national security.

Barack claimed he was only releasing 7 civilians who were just incidentally caught up in the mess as part of a hostage swap and nuclear deal.

In reality, some of them were accused by Obama’s own Justice Department of posing threats to national security. Three allegedly were part of an illegal procurement network supplying Iran with U.S.-made microelectronics with applications in surface-to-air and cruise missiles like the kind Tehran test-fired recently, prompting a still-escalating exchange of threats with the Trump administration. Another was serving an eight-year sentence for conspiring to supply Iran with satellite technology and hardware. As part of the deal, U.S. officials even dropped their demand for $10 million that a jury said the aerospace engineer illegally received from Tehran.

The Politico piece went on to describe how the Liar in Chief Obama didn’t say he was ALSO dropping indictments and international arrest warrants on 14 other bad hombres, such as Hamas and other terrorist-related criminals.  This royally pissed off the DOJ, which had spent years building cases against these threats to US national security.  Threats Barack chose to ignore so he could pretend his surrender to Iran was a good deal.

The random act of journalsim was an unprecedented move for the far left Politico, a website which typically posts liberal puff pieces, attacks on the dem-lite GOP, and fan-boy articles about Hillary, Barack, Pelosi and Reid.

Now it seems Barack Hussein Obama will be investigated for threatening national security as a direct result of the Politico article!

Citing a POLITICO investigation, Republican leaders of the House oversight committee said Friday they have launched a sweeping investigation into whether the Obama administration, in trying to win support for a nuclear deal and prisoner swap with Tehran last year, undermined an ambitious U.S. counterproliferation effort to thwart Iranian weapons trafficking networks.

Also in response to the POLITICO investigation, 13 Republican senators have demanded answers about whether the Obama administration jeopardized U.S. national security as a result of its protracted top-secret negotiations with Tehran, and then misled the American public when disclosing the terms of the two deals in January 2016.

Wow!  Barry must be mighty upset at Politico calling out his lies and betrayals.  Just last week we heard how Obama is increasingly frustrated and depressed over his legacy being decimated on a daily basis by the Trump admin, and now he can’t even rely on Politico to carry his water and hide his failures and crimes anymore…

Trump Lied about Border Wall Funding

President Trump has caved to open-borders Democrats, just like spineless Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the GOP, by failing to demand funding for the border wall the election was won on.

WASHINGTON — President Trump insisted on Tuesday that he remained committed to his hotly disputed plan to build a wall along the Mexican border, despite backing off a demand that the project be funded in a short-term spending measure that must be passed by Friday to avoid a government shutdown.

Trump had previously stated he would require Congress to provide a measely $1.4 billion in this must-pass funding measure for border wall maintenance and improvements, potentially giving Liberal Democrats $7 billion in unconstitutional Obamacare subsidies in exchange.  Now it appears he not only withdrew his small request for the wall, but is also going to give Democrats that money in exchange for… Nothing!

No consessions will be asked of Democrats as Trump rolls over for them, right along with the rest of our utterly useless Republican House and Senate, who will fully fund every alt-left progressive special interest project while ignoring the voters who placed the GOP in charge of all aspects of the federal government.

Shame on you, Mr Trump.  American citizens already despise the do-nothing Congress which has consistently failed to even pass the 12 annual appropriations bills as required by law.  Now Trump will join them in betraying the voters as they spend hundreds of billions of dollars the United States doesn’t have (adding to $20 TRILLION of national debt) to fund liberal interests while neglecting national security.

Mexicans Caught Voting Illegally

Who says there’s no voter fraud?  Oh, that’s right, Barack Hussein Obama spewed that nonsense all through the past 8 years, and repeated the blatant lie just last month.  Well, Barry, two Mexican nationals have been caught illeglly voting, proving yet again that voter fraud is real, and that it isn’t just committed by U.S. democrats.

Rosa Ortega, a Mexican national living in Texas, was just sentenced to 8 years in prison and a $5,000 fine for her illegal voting, after which she will likely be deported.  The article explains that  “when Ortega tried to register to vote in Tarrant County, she admitted she was not a citizen, so her application was rejected. When she told them she had already been voting in Dallas County, that’s when investigators started looking into her case.”

In the second case, an illegal alien from Mexico who voted in 2012, 2014 and 2016 is facing up to 70 years on more than a handful of federal charges in Illinois.  He admitted that he is an illegal alien, and that he committed identity theft by using an ID he bought for $50,000 to impersonate a U.S. citizen without their knowledge.  “Valencia-Sandoval, who lives in the 0-to-100 block of Ivanhoe Drive, also admitted that he did not have Ramiro Guerrero-Vasquez’s permission to use his identity; had used the identity to live in Illinois since March 2005; had obtained driver’s licenses, bank accounts and loans for vehicles; had opened two restaurants that have since been sold; and had obtained a lawful permanent resident card for his wife.”

That’s right, he used the fraudulently obtained ID of a U.S. citizen to apply for a resident card for his wife, an alien as well since she needed the permit.  Her criminally obtained residency card will no doubt be immediately revoked and  confiscated, and both should be deported after serving appropriate prison sentences .

Obama Tells Whoppers on Voter Fraud

At the final press conference of his presidency Wednesday,  Barack Obama reminded Americans why we voted to end his policies.  From conflating “who we are as a country” with his ideology, to using his morally challenged views to redefine what is “the right thing to do,” Obama displayed how out-of-touch he remains to this day.

Then, referring to voter ID requirements he said,  “The reason we are the only country among advanced democracies that makes it harder to vote is that it traces directly back to Jim Crow and the legacy of slavery.”

As usual when Mr. Obama speaks, the exact opposite is true.  The United States is actually one of the very few developed countries left in the world that does not require proof of identity to vote.  Even Mexico requires voter ID.  And requiring ID is not a barrier to voting- more minorities voted in the past two elections at districts requiring ID than did before ID rules were put in place.

Obama’s claim to the contrary is racist, as he implies minorities are incapable of securing government-issued ID, identification that is required to get a job, buy cigarrettes, cash a check, purchase alcohol, enter government buildings, board an airplane and apply for federal benefits.  How dare Barack Obama imply that minorities are somehow inferior to everyone else in the country!

But the liar in chief wasn’t finished.  “This whole notion of voting fraud—this is something that constantly has been disproved. This is fake news. The notion that there are a whole bunch of people out there who are going out there and not eligible to vote and want to vote. We have the opposite problem. We have a whole bunch of people who are eligible to vote who don’t vote. And so the idea we put in place the idea of a whole bunch of barriers to people voting doesn’t make sense.”

Remember Melowese Richardson, the “Obama Lady”? The veteran Cincinnati poll worker proudly boasted on national TV that she had “voted twice in last November’s (2012) presidential election. She was charged with repeatedly voting illegally over three elections using the names of others, including her sister who has been in a coma for a decade.”

She was found guilty of multiple counts of voter fraud and sentenced to 5 years, but thanks to the Obama system of Injustice, Ms Richardson was released after just one year, in time to be invited onstage for another Democrat fundraiser!

According to the Pew Charitable Trust, one in eight voting records in the country is inaccurate, due to bad information, addresses, etc. The 2012 study also found that nearly 2.8 million people are registered in two or more states, and 1.8 million registered voters are dead.

There are dead folks voting in multiple elections after their demise in Colorado, such as “Sara Sosa who died in 2009 (and) cast ballots in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.”

Illegal aliens are registered to vote, an additional crime as they are not citizens.  Kelly Riddell at the Washington Times   reported this daunting finding:

A study by the watchdog Public Interest Legal Foundation found in just eight Virginia counties, 1,046 alien non-citizens successfully registered to vote. These aliens were only accidentally caught because when they renewed their driver’s license they self-reported, telling authorities they were a non-citizen. This study doesn’t even include the metropolises of Fairfax County and Arlington.

In Miami two women were arrested last year for election fraud, one of whom was opening mailed-in ballots and changing the votes, the other submitting fraudulent registrations.

In Virginia, “Harrisonburg officials and the FBI are investigating allegations of voter registration fraud after officials say almost 20 voter applications were turned in under the names of dead people.”

Democrats were filmed coaching people how to disenfranchise citizens by casting fraudulent votes just a few months back.  They even admitted on film to voter fraud going back fifty years.

While Barack Obama falsely claims ID laws are racist and have nothing to do with protecting the integrity of the vote, it is Obama who is being racist and voter fraud happens on a regular basis.  Yet again, we have proved his words are lies.

America Fundamentally Rejected Obama’s Values

Contrary to Barack’s claim to the contrary at his (finally) last ever press conference today, the American people have rejected his twisted immoral “values” and declared they want serious changes.

Obama repeatedly stated during the presidential campaign that it would be a personal insult if people did not vote for Hil-LIAR-y Clinton, as a vote for Clinton was a vote for the continuation of his policies… an effective 3rd term.  The people gave Obama the finger, and gave the self-envisioned political “elite” the finger as well, voting instead for a man who promised to drain the corrupt swamp that is Washington, D.C.

Not only did America fundamentally reject the values of Obama and the liberal progressives, citizens overwhelmingly declared that he did a terrible job as president.  In a report released this month by Gallup, Mr. Obama received a scathing review.

Out of 19 policy issues, the American public told Gallup that this president has only achieved to improve 4 areas.  FOUR!

Americans state America has gotten worse under Obama’s administration in race relations, the gap between rich and poor, the situation for blacks, terrorism, immigration, the federal debt, crime, and the position of the US in the world,  and six others.

The four areas his administration made a positive impact according to America?  The situation for lesbian and gay people, energy, climate change and the economy (for pumping the stock market into a huge bubble).

No police officers will be sad to see Mr. Obama leave, either, says the leader of National Police Organizations.



Obama’s Chief of Staff Must Be High (Obama too)

“I will say that the thing I’m most proud of, Jake, is an administration now acknowledging that we will have 6 days left or 5 days left, that has been historically free of scandal,” McDonough told Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

The man must be taking some very strong drugs.  That is the only acceptable excuse to tell such an outrageous lie.

Just a few of the Obama administration scandals in no particular order off the top of my head:

  1. Making endless Pigford Payoffs;
  2. Gunrunning aka Operation Fast and Furious;
  3. Eric Holder being held in contempt of Congress;
  4. Weaponizing the IRS to target conservative organizations;
  5. Seizing Associated Press phone records;
  6. Accessing phone and email records of Fox News reporter James Rosen;
  7. Unconstitutional NSA mass surveillance of American citizens without a warrant;
  8. SCOTUS unanimously ruling against more than a dozen of Obama’s unconstitutional actions, and unanimously ruling against his administration a record 44 times;
  9. Hillary Clinton losing $6 BILLION of State Department funds;
  10. Solyndra and countless other Stimulus package waste, thefts, kickbacks and cronyism;
  11. Trading 5 top Taliban commanders for traitor Bowe Bergdahl;
  12. Veterans Affairs Death List scandal, ongoing to this day;
  13. Bombing Libya in an undeclared war in violation of the War Powers Act while claiming the UN gave him authority;
  14. Surrendering to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and providing them with billions to continue status as a state sponsor of terrorism;
  15. Declaring a “red line” in Syria and subsequently failing to act as Syria uses chemical weapons for the next few years;
  16. Punishing veterans with “Barry-cades” to block access to monuments during the government shutdown he caused;
  17. Turning the Colorado Day-Glo orange with pollution via the EPA’s disastrous mine flush;
  18. Ignoring an act of war as China hacked 22 million background checks from the OPM;
  19. Terence Flynn forced to resign from the National Labor Relations Board for serious ethical violations;
  20. Head of the General Services Administration fired two top GSA officials and then resigned herself after it leaked that $822,000 had been spent in Las Vegas on a four-day bash for 300 GSA employees.
  21. Abandoning Americans to die at the Benghazi Special Mission, Libya;
  22. Trying to redefine the 2,000 year old worldwide definition of marriage;
  23. Droning American citizens without due process, aka murder;
  24. Threatening to take federal funds away from schools unless they allow men into the girls’ showers, locker rooms and bathrooms;
  25. And because my fingers are getting tired, we’ll just end it here with Barack Obama’s notorious LIE OF THE YEAR: “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

Barack Obama is also apparently back on the choom (his word for the marijuana he habitually and illegally smoked growing up, by his own admission).  That, or he’s trying his hand at revising history yet again. “I’m extremely proud of the fact that over eight years we have not had the kinds of scandals that have plagued other administrations,” he falsely claimed last month.

Stoner in Chief

The man has no shame.  Nor do the sycophants he employs as his echo chamber.

***UPDATE*** Here’s a video of the jackass (Obama) trying to pass off the lie one final time in his last televised interview before mandatory retirement.

Barack Obama’s Delusions of Grandeur

The man is a legend in his own mind.  Mr. Obama recently delivered his farewell address, in which he talked for almost 10 minutes longer than the farewell speeches of Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton… combined!   He has a very high opinion of himself and a staggeringly inflated view of his “legacy”, which in real terms boils down to this: he was the first bi-racial president of the United States.  That is his only permanent achievement, as his solitary legislative fiat, Obamacare, will soon be repealed, and Trump will erase Obama’s executive orders just as they were created, with the stroke of a pen.

Mr. Obama’s delusions of grandeur have been on full display the past two weeks, as he has made the rounds giving speeches in praise of himself and his self-perceived accomplishments in an attempt to shape the media’s narrative of his presidency.

Obama’s repeatedly claimed that by nearly every standard, Americans are better off today than they were when he was elected.  He must be willfully ignoring that this economic “recovery” is the weakest since WWII, and under his administration, labor force participation has fallen to levels not seen since the 1970’s, food stamp dependence has increased 32%, median income has fallen almost 5%, home ownership is at a record low, and all of the 10 million jobs created in the past 8 years are part-time or service industry/restaurant jobs that don’t even approach the middle class earning potential of the millions of manufacturing and white collar career positions lost throughout his presidency.

There are a record 95 million healthy working-age Americans who are NOT working today according to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Since Obama was elected, 14.5 million Americans have been forced out of the work force, or in other words, 18% more Americans are jobless now than when Obama was elected.

It gets worse.  There are record-breaking millions of foreigners under H1-b and other specialized visa and federally approved programs that are holding US jobs at the expense of American citizens, and at lower wages to boot, thus driving down wages for those Americans who are still lucky enough to remain employed.

The New York Post further destroys Obama’s economic recovery delusion with some additional facts:

“Obama’s is the only modern presidency that failed to show a single year of growth above 3 percent … Plus, the Obama economy failed to prosper even though the Federal Reserve had its pedal to the metal. Its quantitative easing, $2 trillion balance-sheet expansion and zero-interest-rate policy all produced zilch. … The recent declines in the unemployment rate are due less to the uptick in employed persons than to an increasing number of persons leaving the labor force.”

Mr. Obama’s presidency lies in the bottom 4 of 44 for GDP growth, and while ZIRP and pumping $2 trillion into the market created record highs for the Dow Jones and S&P, they merely stoked an even bigger bubble than the dotcom setup.

Moving from economics to demographics, “Race relations have improved under my administration” is another Barack Obama delusion he shared with the world last week.  “I am absolutely convinced that race relations on the whole are actually better now than they were 20 years (ago),” Obama said to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

All evidence points to the contrary.  Under his administration we have seen race riots in Ferguson, dozens of knockout game attacks on whites, and the kidnapping and torture of a white man by four young african americans.  The fictional story of “hands up don’t shoot” was repeated ad nauseum by the liberal media, while the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists shut down commerce at the Mall of America and blocked transportation on numerous highways and major thoroughfares.   In the past few years we have witnessed targetted assassinations of police officers by African Americans, and a president who not only declares that all police are infected with systemic racism, but who questions their motives, decisions and actions at every turn.

According to an AP/NORC poll just released, “Only 27 percent of Americans think Obama has been successful in uniting the country, while 44 percent say the United States has become more divided.”  A Washington Post / ABC poll shows Americans overwhelmingly feel that race relations have gotten worse under Barack Obama, with 66% believing race relations were “generally good” in 2009 and now 63% stating in 2016 they are “generally bad”, a total revearsal, revealing his deluded claim to the contrary as a lie.

This, and Obama’s petulant habit of demonizing any who oppose his radical policies have sealed his fate as one of the most divisive presidents in history.

On the international front, Barack Obama said last week that America is stronger and more respected by the international community than when he took office.  That claim is decimated by recent world events such as China fearlessly stealing 21 million background checks and personal histories of federal workers by hacking the OPM (an act of war which Obama ignored), Russia invading and annexing Crimea, Syria continuing to this day the use of chemical weapons despite Obama’s professed yet never enforced “red line”, and Iran accelerating not only their nuclear refinement but their missle delivery systems as well.  Incidentally, this week Obama helped arrange for Iran to take delivery of over 120 tons of uranium.

Not content with just his soapbox speeches, Obama has also submitted a very lengthy diatribe on his role in the criminal justice system to be published in the Harvard Law Review.  Two of his delusional claims contained therein:

“There is no growing crime wave.”  and “Crime remains near historic lows.”

The FBI beg to differ.  Comparing the first six months of 2016 to the first six months of 2015, murders in our largest cities increased a staggering 21.6%.  Violent crime as a category including murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault increased 9.7%.

Violent crime increased in all city groupings. Among cities, violent crime rose the most over the previous year (9.7 percent) in those with populations of 1,000,000 and over. In cities with populations from 500,000 to 999,999, violent crime increased 5.2 percent, and in cities with 250,000 to 499,999 inhabitants, violent crime was up 4.3 percent.

From the economy to race relations, from our international standing to domestic crime, while a deluded Barack Obama figuratively sings from the rooftops that we are in a much better place today as a direct result of his presidency, the opposite is true.  Facts bear this out, but the man’s fragile ego and his desire for a legacy blind Obama to the truth.



Presidential Lies

United States Presidents have told some whoppers!

From Bush’s “Read my lips, no new taxes” to “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”  That second one was awarded lie of the year, and unfortunately was just one of many from Barack Hussein Obama during the past 8 years.

You would think that someone elected to any political office would have the foresight and intelligence not to spew easily disprovable lies, especially when virtually everything you say is caught on film these days.  Yet politicians and presidents continue to spew obvious falsehoods on an almost daily basis.

We will be taking a look at presidents’ lies quite a bit here… and this category will have quite a few posts going forward.