Words Matter

The words used in describing events unfolding in the world are very important, as the words determine readers’ understanding of the events, shaping their attitudes and potential reactions.  In order to deliver factually accuarate accounts and objective analysis, we must utilize words with well-established definitions that portray the events as they actually occurred.

Unfortunately the media, politicians, presidents, and special interest groups intentionally fail to do so, and are continuously co-opting language, seeking to redefine words to the benefit of their cause, with the goal in mind to sway public opinion to their side or to paint differing opinions as irrational, racist, sexist, misogynistic, bigoted or otherwise uneducated and hostile.

This page will be updated on a regular basis, as necessitated by the press, presidents, and politicians abusing our language.

  • The ACA establishes law applicable to insurance.  It does not provide healthcare.
  • Per international law, in order to claim asylum and qualify for refugee status, a person must have been or will be persecuted as a direct result of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.
  • A person is not a refugee simply because they are a victim of, subjected to, or at risk of: endemic crime, rape, gang violence, poverty, domestic abuse, lack of employment opportunities, starvation, or fear of the same. These horrible circumstances are present in every country in the world, and do not even come close to qualifying for claims of asylum.  Chicago residents deal with them every day.
  • People who cross international borders without permission are foreign national invaders and illegal aliens.   They are not undocumented nor immigrants, just as a cat burglar is not a house guest nor an uninvited interior decorator.
  • Immigrants are people who ask a host country for permission to legally cross its border, with the expressed intention of living and working as a lawful resident of said country.
  • Deporting illegal aliens does not break up families, just as imprisoning criminals does not break up families.  The decision to illegally enter a country or commit a crime is what breaks up families.
  • Election Hacking is a cybercrime in which electronic vote tabulating machines and/or the electronic voting infrastructure are illegally accessed, and vote counts are changed to alter the results of an election.  In short, changing the winner of an election by electronically changing the ballot counts.
  • Email Hacking is a cybercrime in which an email account is accessed by someone who is not the owner or authorized agent for said account, which is what happened to the DNC and John Podesta, the intellectual giant who reportedly set his email password to the all lowercase “password.”